Today marks a milestone in our journey towards releasing Apart of Me, the immersive environment that we’re designing to help people understand terminal illness and death.

Our first hand-picked cohort of user testers have now been welcomed into the fold. This morning we sent out the following welcome note:


You have been officially accepted as a games-tester for

Apart of Me Logo

You are now part of an exclusive international community of testers, handpicked by the team here at Bounce Works as we believe you have what it takes to make a Big Difference.

We will be taking your feedback on the Demo of the game, and we will use this feedback to make the Full Version of Apart of Me. Your thoughtful feedback will make sure that Apart of Me can really help young people and families going through a really difficult time, when someone they love is dying from a terminal illness.

There has never been a game quite like this before, so as a Games Tester you are helping us to make a game that is both groundbreaking and has a really big heart.

We wanted to give you some details about the journey you are joining us in now. A map of our island, showing a treasure trail

Please look below at what to expect:

  1. Private Facebook group launched for discussions about the game - October 3rd
  2. Demo launched, you will receive an invite to download the game to your mobile device - October 17th
  3. Game Tester Evaluation Phase We will have all feedback in from our testers by October 31st
  4. Thank You event for games testers in London - November 2016 (date tbc)

Please note that these dates are a rough guide and may change.

We also wanted to get you excited by letting you know a little more about the main functions we will be asking you to test:

  1. The Waterpool Your character, standing beside a pool of water A quiet, peaceful place on the island where your character can go to check-in and find some inner peace. There will be some guided meditations that will help the user feel more grounded in their body.
  2. The Cave The inside of the cave, a mysterious place for exploring emotions and stories Here the user will find a number of fireflies that they can catch with their net. When they catch a firefly, the cave will light up in that colour. Each firefly represents a different emotion. The user will learn about the different emotions people often experience when someone they love is dying. They will also learn self-care strategies to help manage these emotions. When they have caught all the fireflies, they can find hidden in the rocks a variety of audio-recorded stories from other young people who have been through something similar to them.
  3. Message in a Bottle A challenge has washed up in a bottle Each day, a new bottle arrives on the island. In it is carried a quest that your character can choose to carry out. These quests all relate to interactions with the loved one if they are still alive, and more generally the recording of digital memories, so that the user curates a beautiful treasure chest of memories that they can check back in with whenever they wish to. One quest, for example, will be to ask the loved one to record what their single most important piece of advice would be for you.
  4. The Big Question Rocks containing a perspective on the big quesition What happens when someone dies? There are many different perspectives on this big question. We are going to provide users with some different perspectives, as well as a space for them to record their own thoughts. The user will find rocks around the island which they can break open with a hammer. Inside the rock is a gem which will reveal one perspective on death. The user can keep this perspective in their notebook for future reference if they find it helpful.

Bounce works logo with Apart of Me character

A big THANK YOU from everyone here at Bounce Works for your feedback on the game. We are all growing really big smiles whenever we discuss Apart of Me, and we hope the game brings you a smile too.

We need your help

Without urgent support these young people are vulnerable. Let us use our expertise to help them through their darkest moments.