I just landed from a crazy, exciting week, being invited to present at a conference in Leeds, then flying out the next day to Berlin to present Apart of Me at a tech festival called TOA.

The 2 crowds couldn’t have been more different.

In Leeds, I was speaking to professionals working with bereavement, lots of very experienced counsellors, therapists, and other professionals. The title of the conference was bereavement in the digital age. There was a healthy dose of scepticism from the audience, but I think I did a good job of convincing the crowd why digital tools such as Apart of Me are needed to reach young people who wouldn’t normally access counselling. I was very grateful to lead an inspiring panel discussion with Ivor Williams, Designer of Cove, Mandy Price, a widow and supporter of Apart of Me, and Clare Thomas, CEO of Hope Support Services.

Louis talking at ABSCO 2017

In Berlin, we were very lucky to have a booth to showcase our mission to an audience that was already converted to tech. We still got loads of challenging questions about our game and the features in the game - you Berliners are certainly direct! What was truly amazing about Berlin was how many people came up and expressed their love for the project and the mission. We got so much energy and inspiration here.

Louis and Alex at TOA 2017

For more details checkout my presentation from Leeds:

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