Charlie is an extraordinary young person. His courage and wisdom are an inspiration. And we are proud to say he is one of our ambassadors.

In case you missed it, he was interviewed by ITV this week, please do take a moment to listen to his story - of how he coped when his dad died.

“Like William and Harry, I lost a parent - we all need to talk about grief”

Charlie Bolam

We have three young ambassadors and we will introduce you to each of them over the next couple of weeks. They are the foundation of Apart of Me. It’s because of their input over the last 2 years that we have created something that we know other bereaved young people will want to use and will find helpful.

I met Charlie when I was working at St Joseph’s Hospice in Hackney London. I had put an advert on the wall asking for young people to advise on the app. He was the first to sign up. In fact, it was Charlie’s suggestion that we do a game. All the other apps for grief we showed him were ‘boring’ he said. And we agreed!

Apart of Me is a revolutionary game; there is nothing like it in the world.

We believe in what we’re doing.

If you do too, please help us to help the hundreds of thousands of other kids like Charlie to talk, to have a space to grieve.

IT’S 9 DAYS UNTIL WE LAUNCH OUR INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN! We are so excited for you to see the amazing campaign we are putting together. We hope to raise enough money to complete the game and start bringing it to those who really need it.

At this stage it’s all about numbers - we need as many supporters as possible. The more supporters we have, the more likely we are to reach our goal.

And you can help.

Across the UK one child in every class has lost a parent; loss has no geographical boundaries and grief is universal - so please help us spread the net wide and reach as many people as possible.

We need your help

Without urgent support these young people are vulnerable. Let us use our expertise to help them through their darkest moments.